Iceland - the land of fire and ice - is a truly magical place. The main island is the biggest volcanic island on earth and due to its location on the mid-atlantic ridge, which runs right through it, also one of the most active volcanic regions of the world.
Iceland's landscape is one of extreme contrasts and it is a place where you can feel the force and power of nature with all your senses. And for me, some of the Icelandic landscapes are as close as you can get to feel like you were on another planet.
Ice and fire co-exist in Iceland and due to the volanic activity the landscape keeps changing.  The weather in Iceland can be extreme and sometimes become a challenge - especially in winter time when storms and blizzards sweep over the country. 
I have visited Iceland many times now and in different seasons and I cannot decide which region or which season I like best. They are all special and magical by its own for me.