The island of Hokkaido is located at the northern tip of Japan and despite being on a similar latitude like e.g. Milan in Italy,  the weather is influenced by Hokkaido's vicinity to Siberia. The winters  can get bitter cold with long periods of minus temperatures even during daytime and considerable amount of snowfall. 

I visited Hokkaido in January 2017 and spent the first part of the trip in the Akan National Park in the east of the country.  It is an active volcanic area with many hot springs and beautiful crater lakes. The biggest one of them and Japan's largest caldera lake, Lake Kussharo.

The second part I spent in the region of Biei in the west of the island. Biei is an area which is dominated by agriculture with gently rolling hills and vast fields. But during winter, when everything is covered under a deep layer of snow, this landscape is getting very simplified.
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